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Natural Stones

Granite is an important structural and ornamental stone, and due to its high compressive strength and durability, it is used for massive structural work. Its mineral-rich colours, the hardness and density, make it an ideal choice for flooring, counter tops, vanities as well as exterior applications. A broad range of elegant patterns and colours makes granite the most versatile and durable of all stones. It is also the most “maintenance-free” of all stones. It is available in different finishes – Polished, Honed, Bush-Hammered, Flamed and Sandblast.

Granites for the most durable surfaces  
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Granite is composed of quartz, feldspar and micas, as well as traces of a wide variety of other minerals. These minerals contribute to the colour and texture of the various granites. Crystal size is somewhat determined by the rate at which the granite cools: the slower the cooling process, the larger the crystal grows. Faster cooling produces fine-grained granites.

Divine White
Beautiful Beige
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